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Transpersonal Constellations

(BTE-Biotransenergetics methodology)

Beyond the Ego: a journey to discover the Self through Archetypal Forces

The workshop guides participants on a journey of self-knowledge and self-exploration (beyond themselves) to support connection and dialogue with archetypal qualities, using the methodology of Transpersonal Constellations (BTE-Biotransenergetics). Transpersonal Constellations defines a Technology of the Sacred useful to represent a system in a three-dimensional way. Our existence can be observed through the numerous systems we belong to and to which we are “in relationship”: systemic vision is a primary dimension of reality, relationships are the main root of life, the creative polarity of each evolution process. The human being is a bio-psycho-spiritual system within which we can recognize numerous subsystems (atoms, molecules, cells, emotional and ethical instances, values, states of mind, metacognition, beliefs, worldviews, and so on) that participate in creating numerous social systems such as family, community, and organizations. Transpersonal Constellations are useful to fully explore this complexity that is within us and beyond us, allowing a deeper, authentic, and compassionate understanding of the events and their interdependence, capturing the deep connection between Ego and Self, microcosm and macrocosm, Visible and Invisible, stage and backstage, dimensions of the Ego and transpersonal qualities. Transpersonal Constellations are extremely transformative practices that, drawing from ancient and new traditions, give us the opportunity to reconnect with our sacred space, our Transpersonal Self, to rediscover a fully embodied spirituality experience. The workshop is structured to give the participants the opportunity to work on their own themes through both individual and group sessions, making an awakening journey toward a new dimension of inner awareness.


    Eleonora Prazzoli and Simone Curto

  • WHEN:
    2 and 3 October 2023
    from 9.30 to 19 on 2/10
    from 9 to 17 on 3/10
  • COSTS:

    € 190 – Early Bird (up to September 10)
    € 250 – Full Price (after September 10)

Eleonora Prazzoli

Graduated in Techniques and Psychological Sciences and Clinical Psychology in Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan, where she lives and works. Subject expert in Dynamic Psychology at the Faculty of Psychology in the university of Milano Bicocca, gestalt counselor, constellatory, transpersonal psychotherapist, teaching supervisor and educational director of the Integral Transpersonal Institute’s School of Training in Transpersonal Psychotherapy. She also works with emotional and psychosomatic disorders, trauma integration, and spiritual emergency crises through psychotherapy and complementary techniques. She conducts evolutionary seminars on mastery of states of consciousness and subtle vision.

Simone Curto

Clinical psychology and transpersonal psychotherapist, specialized at Integral Transpersonal Institute in Milano. My steps are moving towards the research of an integral psychology that looks at the human being with an intimate, essential and spiritual view, in the deepest sense of the term. I offer individual and group psychotherapeutic sessions for teenagers and adults (both online and face-to-face in Milan). I believe in psychotherapy as a form of art able to bring sacredness and beauty into the world. I continue my journey with curiosity: like shining a light on something but “not the light that puts an end to the research” (Hillman).


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