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Special Guests

Amit Goswami Ph.D.

Professor, researcher, bestselling author, Quantum Science Pioneer, spiritual practitioner. Dr. Amit Goswami, PhD, is a retired professor from the physics department of the University of Oregon (19…

Andrea Calderon

Born in Colombia, Andrea Calderon is a spiritual leader Kuraka (Healier) from Sumak Kawsay Cosmovision who has devoted more than 15 years to the recovery of ancestral memory guarding traditional an…

Ervin Laszlo

Ervin Laszlo is a Hungarian author, philosopher of science, systems scientist and integral theorist. Laszlo is the founder and president of The Club of Budapest and of prestigious The Laszlo Instit…

James Fadiman

James Fadiman is an American researcher, author and lecturer. He was a founder of the Transpersonal Psychology journal, and co-founded of the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology. He was also a pr…

Lama Michel Rinpoche

Lama Michel Rinpoche was born in Brazil in 1981 and began his journey in Buddhism when, at the age of five, he met T.Y.S Lama Gangchen Tulku Rinpoche (who would later recognise him as his spiritual…

Olga Louchakova-Schwartz

Olga Louchakova-Schwartz is a philosopher, comparative religionist, and interdisciplinary researcher with backgrounds in transpersonal psychology, medicine, and neuroscience.  Her training in…

Roger Walsh

Roger Walsh MD, Ph.D. DHL is professor emeritus of psychiatry, philosophy, and anthropology at the University of California. His research focusses on topics such as meditation, psychological wellbe…

Santiago Andrade León

Santiago Andrade, social communicator, photographer, medicine man, spiritual leader, and Ecuadorian Andean doctor, has received instruction for more than 30 years in the spiritual path of Sumak Kaw…

Stanley Krippner

Stanley Krippner, Ph.D., is a pioneer in the study of consciousness, having conducted research for over 50 years in the areas of dreams, hypnosis, shamanism, and dissociation, often from a cross-cu…

Outstanding Speakers

Alain Mullenex

Hope as a collective transformation

Andrea Samar Molinari

The Natural Side of Human Evolution

Anthony Abbagnano

Transforming Lives with the Power of Breath

Arturo De Luca

BACK TO THE SELF: outside the mask, beyond the cave

Ashok K. Gangadean

The Greatest Story Never Told : The Missing Logos Foundation for TransPersonal Life©

Bence Ganti

The structure if the psyche through the stages of development and states of consciousness

Bernadette BLIN

Transforming the ego-based world into a heart-based world

Brant Cortright

Opening the Heart: The Next Step in Evolution

Caifang Zhu

Is my son a reincarnaton of my father? observations and reflections

Claudio Calcina

The Sacrifice of the Cave: the intimate gift of the Ambush

David Lukoff

How Transpersonal Psychology changed the World

Elías Capriles

The Total Transformation

Erica Francesca Poli

Untitled – of the irreducible and Consciousness

Galen Fous

Exploring your sexual wilderness – an empowering and healing journey

Giovanna Calabrese

The psychedelic between neuroscience and shamanism

Glenn Hartelius

Rapid Transformations of States of Consciousness

Ingrida Indane

A small moment of Enlightenment

Irma Azomoza

Psycho-Spiritual Reset

Jeffery A. Martin

Lessons from studying 10,000+ “Finders”, and helping 5,000+ people reach “enlightenment” within a large, 18 year global scientific project

Jim Eyerman

Access to the full conscious capacity of the brain

Jim Garrison

We are Not Alone

Jorge Ferrer

Spiritual individuation and participatory spirituality

Jure Biechonski

What kind of world we want to leave behind for the next generations?

Les Lancaster

Shamanic Kabbalah and Psychology: a Western Path for the Transpersonal Age

Linda Corrias

Universal Justice and Human Laws (Ius Positum)

Lindy McMullin

If Transpersonal Psychology belongs to the 4th Wave in Psychology, how can the Rainbow Effect influence the 5th, 6th and 7th Wave?

Liora Birnbaum

The Psychology of the Soul: The Self in Transition

Louis Robert

101 Applications of Cardiac Coherence

Magda Sole Galofre

The psicotherapist career as an “Iniciatic Journey” or Hero Journey

Marc-Antoine Masri

Ancestral Wisdom Lineages, Sacred Plant Medicines, Transpersonal Psychology: The relationship between healing and awakening

Marco Bertali

Political action as ethical-spiritual testimony: the ‘Warrior of Psyche’ takes the field!

Marco Giacomo Bonalanza

Universal Justice and Human Laws (Ius Positum)

Marco Jäggi

Wellbeing & Happiness

Mário Pinto Simões

The potential of Expanded States of Consciousness, in Transpersonal Psychotherapy, induced by hypnosis.

Mauro Ventola

Being a clearing for the future

Michele Micheletti

From Marketing to God

Mihail Karpathiou

The role of sexual relationships, as well as sexual energy in human lives and how orgasm can lead to a person’s spiritual awakening

Mikhail (Mykhailo) Mianie (Diukarev)

Future of science, transpersonal psychology and psychotherapy. Author’s approach. Research results.

Myrian Romero

Mandala: Luminous Symbols of Consciousness

Orango Riso

Making Life Sacred Again

Paulina Andrea Pozo Morales

Plant medicine path as a sacred way of transpersonal development: Potentials, shadows and guidelines for transformational and embodied relationship with master plants

Pier Luigi Lattuada

The best way to realise our dreams is to wake up

Regina U. Hess

The Waking Up to Stewardship for a New Earth: Birthing an Ancient Future – Homo Spiritualis on Earth – The Temple of the Peoples

Riccardo Zerbetto

Returning to Eleusis and its great mysteries

Serge Beddington-Behrens

Understanding the workings of Fierce Grace

Siegmar Gerken

Love, Light, Consciousness and the Search for Truth Beyond the Brain

Stephan Schillinger

Forbidden wisdom

Steve Taylor

Out of the Cave, into the Light – awakening and the future of evolution

Steven Schmitz

The Therapeutic Use of Shamanic Practice for Dementia

Stuart Sovatsky

Lifelong Love Relationships and Communities, Conscious Child Conception, Kundalini Embodied Soul Identity and Innate Worldly Creative Siddhis Powers

Sven Doehner

How Dream Images have shaped my life

Tina Lindhard

The Cave as a Metaphor from the Female and Male Perspective

Valentina Lattuada

Big Dream Surfing and Integral Transpersonal Acting (ITActing)

Vera Pizzichini Saldanha

Integrative Transpersonal Approach: Spirituality in Psychology

Vitor Jose Fernandes Rodrigues

Beyond Transpersonal?

Xavier Bronlet

Developing a Psycho-Spiritual Experience Inventory (P-SEI) questionnaire leveraging grounded theory methods: The Initial Outcomes

Yvonne Kason

Kundalini Awakening and Near-Death Experiences: Are they Related?

Zana Marovic

TranSomatic Wellness: Integrating and sustaining personal and transpersonal wellbeing

Regular & Online Speakers

Adi (Adrienne) Vickers

Transpersonal approaches to education for children and adolescents

Alessandra Brunelli

Occult medicine: psychological and energetic anatomy of the human being

Alexandra Gerber

Artistic trance : connection, guidance and apparition

Alisa Reikher

Lucid Dreaming as a tool of Reawakening into Reality

Ana Karina Bertolotto

Psychedelic Assisted Therapy. Integral Education for Inner and Social Transformation.

Andrea Molinari

Not me, but the Force in me – BTE Archetypical Work

Anita Godi

When Soul meets Spirit – a journey into spiritual emergencies

Anna Moraki

Shakti Dance Ritual – experiential Workshop

Antonella Trabattoni

Blending with the World of Spirit. Mediumship as a Pathway of Service

Arnaldo Quispe

Icarus and Icarotherapy: the Integration of Amazonian Shamanic Art as resources for inner evolution. Guidelines for Transpersonal Practice.

Asher Lyman

The Listening Mystique: Meditative Listening as Primary Therapeutic Intervention

Beatrice Bissacco

Sacred Sexuality and Spiritual Intimacy: awakening together to life

Bernadette Koegler

Medicine Wheel “Story of Creation”

Chris Goa

Cosmic Dance Session

Christian Stokke

Spiritual awakening through relationships and twin flame astrology

Cinzia Lemmo

The Hero’s Journey and the Spiritual Psychology of the Chakras

Claudia Barrilà

Waking up from the fear of dying to be Reborn to Life

Claudia Castiglioni

Art and its infinite expressive possibilities as a means of contact, mobilisation and evolutionary transformation

Claudia Panìco

Holotropic Breathwork and Grof Legacy Training – Healing from within

Claudia Picardi

The four-fold path of creation spirituality: an imaginative and ritual journey

Claudio Calcina

Through the Shadow

Claudio Maddaloni

The Divine Comedy as a map to awakening

Daniel Dick

The Art of Polarity

Daniela Rao

The Way of St. James – the Way of the Essence between the Sacred and the Profane

Daniele Gunetti

That little voice that that goes on incessantly in your head…

David Furlong

Into the Light: The Value of Hypnotic Regression Therapy to Illuminate Consciousness

Davide Carlo Maria Ferraris

Healing Void

Deborah Russo

I Am/Am I

Dennis Merlini

Art Beyond Borders

Edith Valerio

Minarte – the Art of Transformation

Elena Casiraghi

Beyond the mask: from the primeval veil of clay to the unveiling of the self

Elena Toscan

When Soul meets Spirit – a journey into spiritual emergencies

Eleonora Prazzoli

Transpersonal Constellations – Biotransenergetics Methodology – The Gaze of the Self

Eliane Gerzelj

Conscious intimacy

Emanuela Arpisella

Integrated Family Constellations Workshop

Emanuela Palazzo

The Ancient Art of Spinning

Fabio Freddi

Ancestral Power Ceremony (BTE Night)

Federica Anastasia

The journey within continues

Federico Cataldo

Soul Expansion

Fernanda Baraybar

Q’ero Paqo Andean Shaman Prophecy – The Eagle and The Condor

Fiorenza Tallarico

Medicine Song Circle

Flavio Burgarella

The New Quantum Medicine

Florica Motoc

Dare Your Blossom and let it grow upon some – a psycho-spiritual perspective for personal development

Francesco Santini

Freeing oneself from the burdens of the past to express one’s authenticity in the world

Galen Fous

Taking our sexuality out of the cave and into the light. sexual integration therapy: a transpersonal approach to embracing, enjoying and healing our authentic sexuality

Gianluigi Gugliermetto

The Perennial Mandala of Human Existence

Giovanna Calabrese

Postcards from the cave

Greta Sammartano

The archetype of the goddess in the psyche of woman

Guido Ferrari

A Long Journey. Returning to the Source. A spiritual autobiography.

Hara Willow

Sacred Sound Circle

Hillen Cocq

Prayer Ceremonies

Irene Santiago

Life will be collective or it will not be: weaving a collective inteligence

Irene Ventura

Obsessive-compulsive experience in a Transpersonal-Biotransenergetics vision

ITA Board Members

Transpersonal awakening through multicultural transpersonal education

Jasmin Bloch

Who are you really? Beyond the roles you play and the degrees you’ve earned?

Jaume Mestres Boquera

Intercultural Dialog and co-creating ideas

Jeffrey Overall

The antecedents of ‘kensho’ spiritual awakenings: A mixed methods approach

Jevon Dangeli

Embodiment Practice Workshop

Jim Garrison

Understanding the pathway to war enables us to fashion a pathway to peace

Joanna Giannes

Sacred stories: deepening relationships in leadership development – an organic inquiry

John Robinson

A Ritual without Dogma

Jolanta Jaunzeme

Hearing and Following your Inner Voice

Katrina Michelle

CREATING A CULTURAL FOUNDATION FOR SPIRITUAL EMERGENCE. Building A Global Psychedelic Consciousness Community

Laura Morbioli

Yoga and Biotransenergetics: how to integrate the Orixàs experience into practice

Ligija Braža

Labyrinth Workshop – from Darkness to Light

Liliane van der Velde

Retrieve the Soul of Humanity and the connection to our true Human Power. Find the missing link to get out of the cave, stand up and act.

Lindy McMullin

Teaching of Mysteries in the Cave

Lita Melbarde

Labyrinth Workshop – from Darkness to Light

Liv S. M. Evensen

“Mary, go and tell my brothers, some and many are waiting for Earth’s Heartbeat!”

Lorenza Gazziero

Holy Bread

Loretta Illuminati

Beyond the Mask: from the primordial clay veil to the unveiling of the Self

Louise Spiers

Certain experiences in an uncertain world: transpersonal experiences in epilepsy and their transformative meaning

Lucinda Edmonds

PERFORMANCE – Undertones and side notes

Maite Pardo Sol

Andean Offering to Mother Earth for Awakening

Marcello Aragona

Between the Star and the Heart: a path to inner energy ecology

Maria Cristina de Barros

Clinical management of Spiritual Experiences: integrating spirituality in the clinical practice of health professionals

Maria Cristina Paola Marcato

Journey towards ‘transparency’ through creatures: lauded be!!

Maria Islas

Xochimetsli: The Flowering of Consciousness

Maria Prieto

Co-Embodied Empathy: An Embodied Inquiry Approach in Transpersonal Somatic Psychology

Maria Rossi Sideri

Sacred Sexuality

Marica Lampugnani

Medicine Circle in the Forest

Massimo Soldati

BODYWORK FOR AWAKENING – Postural integration in times of great change

Mathilde Everaere

Opening ourselves to broader micro & macro perspectives through indigenous mindset

Matteo Hu

Working with Living Archetypal, Faith, Prayer and Devotion in Modern Psychological Frame

Milena Nardini Bubols

Clinical management of spiritual experiences: integrating spirituality into the clinical practice of health professionals

Mizar Specchio

Holy Bread

Mojca Studen

3D Enneagram: systemic view and interpretation of the Enneagram

Nadia Calvano

Through the shadow

Neta Shaked Kuchli

Birth section and experienced “rebirth” in Rebirthing processes – rebirth through conscious breathing – A Quantitative Research

Nicola Boraschi

Quantum physics in support of western medicine

Nicolò Bongiorno

Songs of the water spirits

Nirava Tiziana Dainotto

Towards a New World

Olena Tsybenko

Fundamentals of Spiritual Healing (the author’s method of transpersonal psychotherapy). Demonstrative Sessions.

Orlin Baev

Experiential work and altered states of consciousness through a psycho-body approach

Pankaj Seth

The holy pilgrimages/yatras in the Himalaya

Paola Gares

Beyond the Mask: from the primordial clay veil to the unveiling of the Self

Pinet Nadine

The path of embodying Christ Consciousness

Raffaella Servello

Death and Rebirth

Rainer Pervöltz

The most challenging paradox in our lives

Rainer von Leoprechting

Political Costellations: The World on stage. You take part.

Rao Noma

Miracle – Inner Lives

Raquel Torrent Guerrero

INNER POSITIONING about “Death at Home” at Individual and Collective level

Reginaldo Teixeira Coelho

The Transpersonal Dimension of Family Constellations

Renata Taddei

Water as a sacred source of healing over time

Renzo Menapace

Pneuma Breathwork

Rita Águila

Psychedelics and Highly Sensitive People: a Discussion of Best Practices

Rita Zalite

Pratical Workshop of Creating Neurographika art-work ‘Discovering World out of the Cave’

Roberto Lazzaro

The strength of value – the value of strength

Sara Gambelli

Beyond the mask: from the primordial clay veil to the unveiling of the Self

Sarah Guerrera

Kirtan: the sound that heals

Sendi Fiorasi

The Universe in You: Finding Your Way and Infinite Connection


Voices in the Shadow

Serge Beddington-Behrens

Warrior of Heart

Shamti Ruiz

Bharatanatyam Dance

Siegmar Gerken

The Pulsation of Life – The Pulsation of Being

Silvia Morea

Lucid Dreaming as a tool of Reawakening into Reality

Simona Paese

Sacred Sexuality and Spiritual Intimacy: awakening together to life

Simone Curto

Transpersonal Constellations (Methodology Biotransenergetics – BTE)

Stefano Roverso

We are more than our physical body

Stephanie Larrue

Therapeutic and psychic presence in the therapy room: awakening to trance and intuitive and psychic abilities as a therapist

Steven Schmitz

Shamanic Journey Circle

Susanna Chandana Pelliciari

The awakening of the dance of the caboclos

Tanel Mällo

The Transpersonal and the Digital Domain

Tomas Vana

Holos – exemplary workplace for new ways of self-development and healing

Tricia Healy

Dying… Creating a New Paradigm.

Valeria Galletti

When Soul meets Spirit – a journey into spiritual emergencies

Victoria Rose

Restoring Our True Entheogenic Nature and Cultivating Humans With a Maximum Capacity For Love

Vitor Jose Fernandes Rodrigues

Mysteries of Plato’s Cave

Walter Gioia

The Body – Enlighten, the Mind – Massage

Yana Popova

Spiritual Healing

Zeny Bagatsing-Ogrisseg

Chanting from the Guha, the Cave of the Heart