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Zeny Bagatsing-Ogrisseg

Chanting from the Guha, the Cave of the Heart

Chanting is food for the soul, when I chant my voice carries me somewhere.  But that somewhere is inside the cave of my heart.  In Sanskrit we call this heart cave- Guha.

In this presentation Zeny shares the practice of Sacred Chanting and how ancient mantras and chants connect us to the wisdom of our ancestors.   By cultivating a daily practice of meditating with mantras and using the human voice, we can connect to what the Nada Yogis of India call the ‘Guha’ the heart cave, also known as the Anahata Chakra.  This heart space contains tremendous power for transformation and self-healing, for ourselves and for the world.


Yogini, Chant Leader and Mystic of Sound, Zeny’s life is dedicated to yoga and sacred music.  With a mixed heritage that includes roots in Punjab, India, Zeny was raised in a culturally and spiritually diverse home. Her first yoga experience was listening to her mom chanting “Om” when she was a child. Zeny has been a Professional Yoga Educator for 20+ years conducting Teacher Trainings, classes, workshops and retreats in Classical Yoga, Tantra and Ayurveda in the beautiful islands of Hawaii.  She is currently based in Belgium.   Zeny’s musical passion is Vocal music, especially mantra. Zeny has travelled extensively all over India and learned mantras from the Vedic and Tantric lineages under authentic masters of Yoga, Shri Vidya, and Saivism.  Ever a student, Zeny’s also practices Indian Classical Music, exploring the magical world of Carnatic Ragas, and Tibetan Bon mantras under Geshe Lungtok Tenzin Gelek.  She is also Certified Sound Therapist under Dr. Mitch Nur.