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Yana Popova

Spiritual Healing

Presenting solutions to a number of key problems of the inner world and the fate of a person using the methods of Spiritual Healing (the author’s method of transpersonal psychotherapy). Demonstrative sessions.

The goal is to present an example of some possibilities and mechanisms of the work of Spiritual Healing, as well as to conduct demonstration sessions and answer questions:

1. The way various problems look in the Subtle World at the level of energy systems, karmic and other connections, including the most complex issues.

2. How appropriate methods and algorithms work in eliminating these problems.

3. The features and patterns of interaction with the Subtle World.


Main idea

1. The basis for solving a wide range of problems and tasks inaccessible to most other areas lies in the following: understanding the structure of Human and the Subtle World at the level of energy systems, direct interaction with the Subtle World and work on the basis of Spiritual Law.

2. The future of transpersonal science is precisely in a detailed study of the above issues.


POPOVA YANA (24.07. 1973) – Spiritual Healer of the Highest Grade (in the SYSTEM of MIANIE M.Y). Coach, Course Presenter, Business Trainer. • Course presenter, manager of the author\’s courses in the System by Acad. Mianie M.Yu. since 2009. • I participate in the training of personnel in Spiritual Healing / Transpersonal psychotherapy. since 2007 • EUROTAS. Certified Member – 09/20/2022 2.SOCIAL EDUCATION: Higher Education: Yaroslav Mudryi National Law University (Kharkiv, Ukraine). Higher Education International Academy of Personnel Management (IAPM), Psychology – 2010-2012. 3. SPIRITUAL EDUCATION: • Ar Santem Yoga Schoo Academy, Kharkiv. 1988-1994: Yoga instructor – 1992-1993. • Kharkiv Regional Public Organization (RPO) «CENTER OF HUMAN DEVELOPMENT». The study of the Author’s programs and methods of Acad. Mianie M.Y. on human developme