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Xavier Bronlet

Developing a Psycho-Spiritual Experience Inventory (P-SEI) questionnaire leveraging grounded theory methods: The Initial Outcomes

To analyse the phenomenology of the spiritual experience under the lenses of the grounded theory method, an initial questionnaire has been developed and submitted to 216 respondents. The quantitative observations have been analysed for their contribution to the model to determine the relationships between the factors exposed in the model. If the initial model does not perfectly fit with the gathered observations, the remodelling of the items after an exploratory factory analysis helped to design an emerging model useful for the purpose of the study. The analysis of the observations structured around the emerging model leads to interesting conclusions such as the spiritual representations act as full mediator between the spiritual experience and the behaviours, in other words representations are necessary to ensure that experiences impact significantly the behaviours. This open the door to further development and application in our practices.


Managing Partner at AccelerationLab SA, he works as a consultant, researcher and coach, helping companies to adapt to the post-modern era by adopting ´new ways of working´. He is the author a framework, called Systemic Agility, that enables companies to measure and develop their ability to keep the operating environment at bay while transforming towards Teal-like structures. The model is the subject of several academic publications. He is a part-time professor at the MSc SUPSI BA for ´Organisational & Leadership” modules and collaborates as a researcher and Subject Matter Expert with the Business Agility Institute. As a senior consultant, PCC ICF coach, trainer and Data Scientist, he holds several degrees (mathematics, pedagogy and finance), a master coach certification from IDC and more than 20 years of experience as change management practitioner. He works all over Europe.