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Walter Gioia

The Body – Enlighten, the Mind – Massage

You will experience archetypal original movement sequences, movinmeDi (with lines, circles, lemniscate and spirals) that promote neuroplasicity and reorganise the nervous system. This not only leads to a better physical condition, but also contributes to the development of all vital processes of the person, making him or her the creator of the overall well-being of one’s own essence, one’s own body-soul. MovinmeD: – promotes mental serenity (managing anxiety and stress) and meditative states – re-harmonises opposites-complementary: masculine/feminine, out/inside, high/low, slow/fast, etc. – does muscle-tendon and meridian stretching – develops ambidexterity and independence of the neuro-muscle chains.


Walter Gioia has been working in companies since 1979 (IBM, Citibank, Computer Associates). In 1988 he entered consulting. In 1993 he graduated in psychology. In 1994 he founded the company 3SWEET, which operates in business consulting. In 1999 he entered the psychologist register and continues teaching as a consultant, trainer and coach. In 2003 he co-founded Aliquis, an association that deals with soft skills training and managerial counselling… In 2007 he entered the register of psychotherapists (training in Transpersonal Psychotherapy with Pierluigi Lattuada). His training also includes a Master in Teaching Techniques in Neurolinguistic Programming (1996) where he also worked with Robert Dilts, Jan Ardui, Peter Wrycza, Willie Monteiro. He followed a three-year course on the Enneagram with Claudio Naranjo. And since 2013 he has been disseminating the multifunctional MovinmeD integral movement system ( His passion for self-knowledge, travelling and writing led him to publish two