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Vitor Jose Fernandes Rodrigues

Mysteries of Plato’s Cave

The very important Alegory of the Cave from Plato may be interpreted in a very special way, quite far from the usual philosophic and political ones. It might point to human enlightenment – including its connection with our brain – and to very esoteric perspectives on who we are and how we get out of our human limits. This can give rise to quite a cocktail including the pineal and pituitary glans, the upper chakras, kundalini rising, enlightenment, the inner light, the inner Master or the concept of the bridge of light – or antakharana – between the lower and higher mind (and later between self and Soul). It can take us from the usual philosophic interpretation to more esoteric ones. Then the cave of Plato might be the same as the Cave of Brahma or the Crystal Palace of Taoism.


Vitor Rodrigues, psychologist, psychotherapist, writer (16 books published). I am 62 years old and I have been connected with the transpersonal area since my adolescence and through a study of Esoteric Traditions. It became formal in the nineties as I became a Regression Therapist. My quest is indeed spiritual.