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Victoria Rose

Restoring Our True Entheogenic Nature and Cultivating Humans With a Maximum Capacity For Love

Victoria will take us into deep realms of visualizing the New Luminous Lineages who, rather than spending all the time and energy of their lives trying to remember who they are and why they came, will fully blossom in their highest expression and successfully deliver their mission.
Victoria illuminates how the souls incarnating on planet earth at this time are living embodiments of the leader, teacher, healer, innovator. “They are the way-showers”.
As we heal our own births and deep cultural wound of separation – stemming from our industrialized births  and infant-maternal separation which she concludes began long before birth –  so too we come back into right-relationship with all the earth’s medicines and the Great Mystery.
As we restore our trust in nature and rekindle our instinct, the potential for our children’s consciousness to remain intact from the very beginning of life, increases greatly.
Life and Birth are exquisitely designed by nature to be ecstatic. 
Together, let’s welcome the ancient future wisdom that is now incarnating.


Victoria Rose, Founder Luminous Birth, Certified Pre- and Perinatal Psychology and Health Educator, Registered Massage Therapist, Reiki Master for Fertility, Pregnancy, Birth, and Postpartum, Sacred Birth Keeper, Embodied Retreats Facilitator, Heal Your Own Birth Guide, Contemporary Vegetalista, Ceremonialist, Mentor, Speaker. Born in Nova Scotia, Canada and based in Portugal, Victoria’s grounded approach to fertility, conception, pregnancy, and birth are rooted in vivid memories of her own birth and pre-birth experiences, as well as a lifelong connection to nature, ceremony, and ancestral practices. Victoria was deeply immersed in Ancient Traditional Amazonian Medicine for nearly a decade which included living and apprenticing alongside indigenous master healers for extensive periods of time in the Amazon Basin of Peru, where she completed many Master Plant Dieta’s in the Shipibo tradition and worked as a retreat facilitator at Riosbo Healing and Research Center.