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Vera Pizzichini Saldanha

Integrative Transpersonal Approach: Spirituality in Psychology

Spirituality has been increasingly highlighted as an essential dimension to healing processes, personal and social transformation, and the evolution of our species. Values such as compassion and empathy are more recent acquisitions of our brain, which for Maslow, have a close connection with genuine experiences in the individual. For this author, one of the central axioms of transpersonal psychology is that from spirituality emerge positive, constructive values, intrinsic to being, higher and more universal. For this reason, traversing the paths of psychology since William James and spirituality in deep processes of transformation in individuals and groups; For more than two decades, we have developed a methodology that contemplates this integration, which was the subject of our doctoral thesis. Called Transpersonal Integrative Approach – AIT, it presents a universal cosmic map, with a methodology at the service of the psycho-spiritual development of the human being, in different areas of application of Psychology.


Psychologist, Ph.D in Transpersonal Psychology; Author of the Transpersonal Integrative Approach and of Transpersonal Didactic; Founder and Coordinator of the first Postgraduate Programme in Transpersonal Psychology in Brazil, with more than 33 classes and 3,000 students; Founder of IVS-Instituto Vera Saldanha; President of the Portughese-Brazilian Transpersonal Association (ALUBRAT); 11 International Transpersonal Psychology Congresses of the ALUBRAT, with thousands of attendees; International Master degree in Transpersonal Psychology (Algharb Institute and Nora Cavaco Institute) with DGERT certification in the EU; Author and co-author of several books on Transpersonal Psychology; Professor of courses and conferences on the field of Transpersonal Psychology in Brazil and abroad.