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Valentina Lattuada

Big Dream Surfing and Integral Transpersonal Acting (ITActing)

What makes us free? How can we surf our Big Wave? How can we recognise our inner design and live in alignment with it? How do we decrease the distance between ourselves and the version of us that is already living our Dream Vision? How to embody our Dream Identity? How to apply ´kindness´ in our lives and activate the ´healthy success´ we are meant to have? How do we unlock our full potential and fully embrace the Big Dream Surfer version of ourselves, manifesting the quantum leap we have been waiting for? What does it mean to act in an integral transpersonal way and why can it break down the barrier between this timeline and the one where all your dreams are already realised? Let’s start with emotions.


Transformational Mentor, Integral Transpersonal Counselor, Life & Acting Coach, expert in Manifestation, Mindset and Personal Realisation. Founder of the Big Dream Surfing method and developer of Integral Transpersonal Acting (ITActing). Website:; Instagram: