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Tanel Mällo

The Transpersonal and the Digital Domain

The digital technologies, platforms and networks create new positive prospects in helping to connect individuals and communities. However, currently they are also often widely used to exploit human weaknesses and to further exaggerate the power imbalances of the modernity, keeping the individual passively looking at the wall of the primordial Platonic cave.

In this workshop we will share our experience, hopes and fears about the digital domain in relation to the transpersonal sphere. We will discuss how the digital tools, platforms, networks, practices etc positively and negatively affect the goals of transpersonal practitioners and communities.

Please do join the workshop if you are willing to learn about and contribute to the shared understanding of how we perceive the digital domain from the transpersonal perspective, to put it in the best possible use for us as caring individuals, transpersonal practitioners and members of communities.

You can make the workshop even more worthwhile if you are able to briefly share your related insights via this online survey: Your contributions are equally welcome even if you are not able to participate in the workshop. I’m extra thankful if you’re willing to extend the survey invitation to people who you know would be willing to contribute. This input will become part of my academic research that I will also share with EUROTAS. The survey is anonymous and no identifiable personal data will be intentionally collected unless you mention it in your answers. If you are interested in the survey results, please contact me at


For my PhD (2008) I studied the neuropsychopharmacology of mood disorders, and shifted interests towards the digital domain after that, being involved in various digital rights initiatives for a decade. Since last year I´m devoted to affective cyberscience research, where I explore how we as individuals perceive and apprehend the digital domain. In 2009-2018 I was also the publisher-in-chief for the Estonian ´Transpersonal Classics´ book series. I coordinated bringing over 30 transpersonal books into Estonian language, growing ties with the transpersonal community and being blessed with meeting various extraordinary teachers like Stan Grof and Ralph Metzner. This journey has heavily influenced my personal growth, and the values that guide my current research on our apprehension of the digital domain. I´m anything but excited about the technologically saturated reality, but as it is, we need to discuss how to put these resources to the best use for people to meet others and themselves.