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Sven Doehner

How Dream Images have shaped my life

The value that working with dream images has for connecting the personal – the psychological – with the transpersonal: the invisible, the “inner sense” of “things”, with that which is beyond ourselves. Personal anecdotes will be used to illustrate how taking into account the implications revealed in dream images can re–direct us in our daily lives, in favor of well–being and more constructive and creative responses to challenging situations in our daily lives.


Sven Doehner is a 75 year old German Mexican man trained as a Jungian Archetypal Psychoanalyst and as a Somatic Movement Educator (BodyMindMovement). In addition to close to 40 years of clinical experience and many years teaching and guiding workshops and training programs in different parts of the world, he has also been initiated into the Ancestral Wisdom still alive in the healing and spiritual practices of native healers around the globe. He is now focused on working creatively with DREAM IMAGES and with the human VOICE, at the service of personal and transpersonal transformation.