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Susanna Chandana Pelliciari

The awakening of the dance of the caboclos

During the meeting we will experience the Dance of Purification of the Self, a ritual practice from the Afro-Brazilian shamanic tradition, which BTE draws on, to connect us to our Self and purify our dialogue with the archetypal Forces (Orixás) that sustain the world, to free ourselves from the chains that stiffen and imprison, to unravel the pretexts that hinder the authentic manifestation of our True Nature, to cleanse our gaze of illusions and return to looking at ourselves and the world with “clear eyes, an empty mind and a light heart.”
We will thus awaken our Caboclo, archetype of the primal human being, of the Noble Man who honors his own Nature, to meet the other Caboclos around beyond the masks, flowing through the naturalness and vitality that inhabit us.
Participants will thus be able to celebrate the sacredness of their bodies, beauty, sensuality and joy of life.

Workshop is conducted together with Elena Casiraghi.


Susanna Pelliciari holds degrees in Clinical and Community Psychology and in Clinical and Health Psychology. She is a Transpersonal Psychotherapist and Lecturer specialised in Biotransenergetics at the ITI Training School in Transpersonal Psychotherapy in Milan. She works as a Psychologist and Psychotherapist in Marina di Carrara and conducts group seminars in Italy and abroad during the “Le Forze del Sé: percorsi di Biotransenergetica” (The Forces of the Self: Paths of Biotransenergetics) Training, a path of integral awareness and personal growth oriented towards the realisation of the Qualities of the Self. She published the text “In viaggio verso casa” (2022, ITI Edizioni), which collects the entire corpus of Biotransenergetics practices devised by its founder, Dr Pier Luigi Lattuada. She deepened her study of the Afro-Brazilian syncretic tradition and of the Orixàs, on which BTE draws, from 2014 to the present day, with Dr Marlene Silveira, spiritual teacher and co-founder of Biotransenergetics. In the course of her human and professional training, she became passionate about the study of archetypal principles in different cultural traditions. In particular, she has learnt the reference system of the “Lataif” (Essences) used by the Sufis and the way it relates to depth psychology combined with the knowledge and therapeutic-spiritual use of the millenary system of the Enneagram associated with specific and individual work on one’s own “Inner Judge”, a conditioning system developed in one’s environment of origin through judgements, prejudices and received values.