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Stuart Sovatsky

Lifelong Love Relationships and Communities, Conscious Child Conception, Kundalini Embodied Soul Identity and Innate Worldly Creative Sid…

His speech focuses on Lifelong Love Relationships and Communities, Conscious Child Conception, Kundalini Embodied Soul Identity and Innate Worldly Creative Siddhis Powers, that are our natural birthright of a “post-Freudian” Complete Maturation. Individually, in couples and in community, humans have the innate capacity to develop their own internal entheogenic hormonal maturity, known as “the inner alchemy”, rasa-hormonal tantra or coentheogenesis based in species-wide “conscious genetics” awakens a stable One World Family natural state of consciousness, that can reunify our current fragmented and conflicted postmodern world. The world saw an example of the power of this One Family Consciousness in the Camp David Accords when Child Photos evoked heart openings in Anwar Sadat and Menicham Begin catalyzing a continuous Egypt-Israel Peace after some 2500 years of deadly animosities.

The burst of modern-yoga, meditation & neotantra and psychedelics from a few 1000 in the 1960s to 300 million in 55 years will seem small compared to the 2023-2050 emergence of pariyanga tantra – Foucault’s Ars Erotica into the world, based in transmuted Fertility Hormones known as Madhu – honeyed love rasa-hormone, Amrita – endless incarnation hormones, Soma – inner entheogenic rasa-hormones, whereby couples come to coalchemize their Shared-Source of Life together in ways that, for perhaps 0.01% of humanity, 800,000 people, who will first pioneer this pariyanga to also reap the gold of Conscious Profound Conceptions & kundalini spinal puberties of perineum, heart and cerebrum that also will render child-abuse, abortion and gender strife obsolete vestiges of the first and limited 1960s wave of erotic liberation – Foucault’s Scientia Sexualis. The Endless Worshipkisss shared ‘coentheogenic’ union will be central, based in my research begun at Princeton University in 1970 and lauded by Foucault in 1981.


Stuart did earliest Duality-NonDuality and DMT lab research at Princeton, received the first federal grant to bring yoga and meditation to incarcerated juveniles, the homeless mentally-ill and police departments, was chosen to codirect Ram Dass Prison Ashram, has been a copresident of US ATP for 16 years, directed the first-ever spiritual emergence service and three intern-clinics, graduated over 100 therapists. He convened a 40-country transpersonal conference in India endorsed by The Office of The Dalai Lama and was secretly flown to Slovenia in 2001 to chant over the dying president, Janez Drnovsec. He received awards for thwarting two gun-violence situations using only admiration and has decades of clinical work with nonmedication psychosis, spiritual emergence and suicidality treatments and divorce-reversals. He was a founder in 1998 of the award-winning $34M Greencitylofts, was 20 year chantmaster with AxisMundiTranceBand and author of Words From the Soul, Advanced Spiritual Intimacy, Eros Consciousness and Kundalini, Your Perfect Lips, The Future of Gender, Reconciliation, Reverence and Interbeing chapter in Gender Equity & Reconciliation: Thirty Years of Healing the Most Ancient Wound in the Human Family. He currently teaches Coentheogenesis Tantric Practices with the ApeironZoh Institute.