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Steven Schmitz

Shamanic Journey Circle


Shamanic Journey Circles are a safe, supportive, and sacred space to practice shamanism together in a community setting. It is an occasion to journey to live drumming with an experienced shamanic teacher. It is an opportunity to strengthen your shamanic practice and deepen your relationship with your Spirit Ally. You are invited to this spiritual container to participate in ceremonial drumming, ritual, prayers, shamanic journeys to live drumming, healing, and group sharing. This workshop will be conducted as a sacred ceremony.

Bring a drum or rattle (if you have one), a scarf or cloth to cover your eyes, and an object for the altar.


2. Shamanic morning prayer circle (early morning spiritual practice)

Shamanic Morning Prayer Circles are a ceremonial way to begin our day in nature by joyously connecting with our community, expressing gratitude, and asking for guidance and protection for our day from Spirit Allies. The ceremony is a combination of sacred drumming, cleansing of our energetic bodies, prayers, ritual, and lively dancing. Join us and wake up to an ecstatic day! Bring a drum or a rattle, if you have one.


Steven Schmitz holds a Ph.D. in Transpersonal Psychology from the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology. His doctoral research was on “The Therapeutic Use of the Shamanic Journey.” Steven has a private practice in Shamanic Counseling and Shamanic Healing, and is an international teacher, lecturer, and workshop leader on topics of shamanism, transpersonal psychology, rituals, and healing.    Steven is a former President of the Association for Transpersonal Psychology (ATP), a former Board Officer of the European Transpersonal Association (Eurotas), and a Founding Board Member of the International Q’eros Foundation (IQF). He is currently a Board Member and Outreach Committee Chair of ATP.    Steven has practiced shamanism and zazen since 1974.