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Stephanie Larrue

Therapeutic and psychic presence in the therapy room: awakening to trance and intuitive and psychic abilities as a therapist

Awakening to a new reality. It is about seeing things that were always there as we see them like never before. It is about Being, embodying Self and Spirit. As we open up to a transpersonal world, we may notice changes in how we experience the world. Self-compassion, kindness, acceptance, equanimity, attunement, deep peace and joy can be part of this awakening. Additional senses flower as we more fully experience ourselves and the world via senses such as deep knowing, deep presencing, deep listening, clairsentience, clairaudience, clairvoyance, clairalience, claircognizance. Telepathic, psychometric and astral communication can also emerge. How do we use these senses as therapists? How do we integrate them in a way that they serve us and others? This workshop will focus on activities to recognize one’s intuitive and psychic abilities. How to attune to these abilities in the body and the field and use them in an ethical manner to strengthen one’s effectiveness with clients?


Stéphanie Larrue, MA, RP, MFT, CCC, PhD. (Cand.), C. Hyp. is a psychotherapist and clinical counselling hypnotherapist practicing with individuals, couples and families, with a special interest in stepfamilies and in transpersonal psychology and quantum hypnotherapy. She has been teaching since 2010 at Saint-Paul University, the University of Ottawa and the Université de Hearst in Canada. She has been training in trance work (channelling, healing, meditation, mindfulness and hypnotherapy) for 25 years. She is currently conducting her PhD. research on therapy for stepfamilies and how spirituality plays a role in therapy for these families under the supervision of Dr. Laura Armstrong, C. Psych. Stéphanie Larrue has various publications and communications on stepfamilies, the transpersonal therapeutic use of self, transcendence, trance, spirituality in psychotherapy and transpersonal psychotherapy.