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Stephan Schillinger

Forbidden wisdom

From the mythical beverages described in the founding texts of Eastern religions, to the altered states of consciousness of the greatest prophets, to the original nature of the Christian eucharist, Stephan Schillinger explores what Huston Smith, the most influential religious historian in 20th century, called ´the best kept secret in history´. He will shares his reflection on the origin of spirituality and the major religious traditions that followed. His demonstration explores groundbreaking questions and assumptions about the nature of reality and psychedelic experiences leading to the expanded states of consciousness he proposes as the very origin of spiritual feeling. He reveals the burnt bridges between two shores. One abandoned, that of the sacred, psychedelic and entheogenic plants that we rediscover here, under the light of science. And the other, place of most spiritual traditions and religions, objects of many misinterpretations.


Passionate about spirituality, Jungian & transpersonal psychology, Stephan SCHILLINGER is an author, speaker, and transpersonal practitioner. It offers personalized support, nourished by 20 years of spiritual path. Today author, transpersonal practitioner, and speaker followed by more than 130.000 people on social networks. TEDx speaker and author of 7 books, he is published in the French reference magazines on spirituality: Natives and Inexploré, as well as by Dr Olivier Chambon with whom he collaborates. His main book is \”La Sagesse Interdite\” (Forbidden Wisdom) reveals the use of entheogenic substances for millennia, as the possible source of religions and spiritual traditions. Stephan is now teacher for “La Tribu” in Geneva, and and ENTEA.CA in Montreal (CA), where he co-created with Dr Olivier CHAMBON and Dr Denis BAUDIN the first psychedelic practitioner training in French language. The training is now recognized by the Swiss Association of Psychologists.