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Stefano Roverso

We are more than our physical body

We are more than our physical body, and thanks to the Monroe Sound Science technology, everyone can verify it. The proposed workshop is an opportunity to explore different states of consciousness and directly verify this affirmation, opening your mind to new way of experiencing life.


Stefano Roverso 4-9-1963 President of The Monroe Institute Italy, non profit association Residential and Outreach Trainer, Member of Professional Division, The Monroe Institute (USA) Stefano after 15 years as a manager in the Information Technology industry and 8 years as the director of a medical training center in Italy, he discovered the existence of the Monroe Institute, the world´s leading research and education center in the study of human consciousness. It is an American nonprofit organization for research into human brain potentials and an educational center for their development. He attended several courses at this institute and became the first Italian Trainer in 2009, with the purpose of promoting and spreading these activities in Italy. His youthful out-of-body (OBE) experiences, studies of Carlos Castaneda and shamanic practices, study of Chinese medicine, and practice as a Shiatsu practitioner, attendance at a Fourth Way school, based on the teachings of Gurdijeff and Ouspensky, and a master´s degree in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), prepared him for his true mission: to put himself at the service of the development and evolution of Humanity. He currently leads a nonprofit organization in Italy, based on the principles of the Monroe Institute, for which he organizes and holds experiential seminars across the country to present the principles of human awakening and spiritual evolution. Using the Monroe Institute´s sound technology, people during the seminars access consciousness-expanding experiences such as: OBE (Out of Body Experience), remote viewing (remote viewing), psychokinetics, contact with other dimensions, finding ´answers and broader meanings to one´s existence´ and understanding that they are more than their physical body. Stefano during these years of spreading the Monroe Institute in Italy has also developed several professional projects in the educational and health fields, using Monroe technologies and his knowledge.