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Simone Curto

Transpersonal Constellations (Methodology Biotransenergetics – BTE)

In this seminar we will accompany participants, through the methodology of Transpersonal Constellations (Biotransenergetics – BTE) on a path of knowledge and deepening of oneself (and beyond oneself) to foster connection and dialogue with the archetypal qualities. The term Transpersonal Constellations defines a Technology of the Sacred capable of representing a system in a three-dimensional mode. Our existence can be observed through our belonging to numerous systems with which we are ‘in relationship’: the systemic vision is a founding dimension of reality, the relationship the root principle of life, and the creative polarity at the basis of which any evolutionary process develops. The human being is a bio-psycho-spiritual system within which we can recognise numerous sub-systems (atoms, molecules, cells, emotional, ethical, values, moods, metacognition, beliefs, worldviews and cosmos.


Clinical Psychologist and Transpersonal Psychotherapist specialised at the Integral Transpersonal Institute in Milan. My steps move in search of an integral psychology that looks at the human being with an essential gaze in the most expanded, profound and spiritual sense of the term. I offer individual and group courses for adolescents and adults both online and at my private practice and in affiliated facilities in Milan. I believe in psychotherapy as an art form capable of bringing sacredness and beauty into the world. I continue my journey with curiosity: like wanting to shed light on something but “not the light that ends the search” (Hillman).