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Simona Paese

Sacred Sexuality and Spiritual Intimacy: awakening together to life

The workshop proposes an exploration of the link between sexual pleasure, authentic love and spiritual intimacy. The Western view of dualism has accustomed us to considering body and spirit as separate and in opposition. Picking up the echo of ancient traditions such as Tantrism, Tibetan Buddhism, and shamanism, we propose a transpersonal practice that starting from the body understood in its essential characteristics as a living principle, leads to the integration of consciousness. We will propose touch, gaze and dance as vehicles for sacred encounter with one´s own life force. Once the gaze is cleansed of the conditioning of personal history, it is possible to realize how deep intimacy is a medicine that allows us to meet ourselves and each other. Together we will allow ourselves to flow in a contemplation that rediscovers and awakens to the corporeity of the spirit, to the spirituality of the body in order to celebrate Life with gratitude.


SIMONA PAESE, psychologist and transpersonal psychotherapist. She holds a doctorate in A.I. and is a Level II EMDR Therapist. She founded and directs the Center for Psychotherapy, Yoga and Mindfulness “Tara Verde – Zence” in Calabria, Italy, where in addition to the integrated clinical practice aimed at individuals she leads transpersonal approach yoga and mindfulness therapy groups, biotransenergetics and meditation groups inspired by the teachings of the Zen master, Thich Nhat Hanh.