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Siegmar Gerken

The Pulsation of Life – The Pulsation of Being

The Pulse of Your Heart Carries your Pulsation of Life, the Pulsation of the Earth, the Universe, the Cosmos – it is the Pulsation of Being – This is a Journey of Manifestation and Healing. Come, and tune in to the larger meaning of your journey in this life. With the beat of your heart move through your intrauterine space and birth your own karmic trajectories, connecting again with your intention to realize your potential in this Body, on this Earth, in this Universe.

This is a dynamic personal and group process, leading you with your senses and perceptions from your beginning through the stages of your personal development to an authentic creation and expression of your Body-Feeling-Mind Field – renewing your commitment of Being and participating in the expansion of love and consciousness, for the wellbeing of all life.


• This workshop is for every breath-worker guiding people through embryonic states, the passage of birth into the manifestation of a Body-Mind Field.

• This workshop enriches any shamanic work in focussing on your own heartbeat, on your own inner drum – that takes the lead to create coherence and to establish a secure inner and outer ground.

• As Human Beings we are also Social Beings. This workshop offers to transcend Ego-states of separation and to unify the aspects of our body and mind and expand them into Transpersonal Dimensions of our existence – recognizing the quality and beauty of each other in a Celebration of Life.

We will do light awakening exercises before lying or sitting down for the journey. Please bring a mat or a blanket for lying down. Thank you.


Siegmar Gerken PHD, ECP, HP, lover of life, searcher and researcher in this and other lives; commitment after my NDE with 5 years “to bring light into peoples bodies” – now transpersonal embodiment psychotherapist, leading you beyond the trauma, so that you can live the qualities of your essential being; 70th and 80th creation of alternative schools, commune living; native practices, sufi and zen; free dances that inspire and holding close in tango; receiving visions, staying humble; loving husband, father, grandfather; lecturer and trainer on four continents, expanding energy and consciousness; transforming lives and meeting at the crossroad of light and love – embracing the spectrum of our existence.