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Voices in the Shadow

SENTO offers participants an interactive sensory performance, in fact a collective ritual that will result in a vocal improvisation of a choral nature. The spectators/participants are first led into a room prepared for an experiential activity in semi-darkness, with dim spots of light, in order to exclude or attenuate the visual channel, which is often pre-eminent, and create a poetic atmosphere receptive to stimuli addressed to the other senses. The experience continues with a journey into one’s inner world, activated by aromas, sounds and tactile stimuli, which in turn allows the expansion of one’s imagination. These worlds are given choral expression through the emergence of spontaneous vocalisation, supported by an instrumental sound carpet. In conclusion, participants are invited to create a restitution of the experience in poetic form (through writing or drawing), remaining connected to the spirit of the experience just shared.


SENTO is a collective of therapists and artists. Their aim is to design a path that weaves connections between the senses, listening, perception, emotions and the imaginary so that everyone can create their own compass to orient themselves on their inner journey. SENTO is an experiential workshop where one can rediscover spontaneity and amazement towards oneself and life. SENTO wants to return the pleasure of psycho-emotional empathy to the body, facilitating the encounter with one’s own emotions, one’s essence and the other. It is a space where one can practise the art of feeling and expand creative processes by harmonising the three centres: instinctual, emotional and mental. SENTO is: Francesco Sgaravatti: Conselour Gestalt, listening and communication professional. Enya Idda: Art therapist, sculptor, Metagenealogy expert, Hara Yoga teacher. Francesca Gualandri: Musicologist and expert in voice pedagogy. Daniele Freddio: Integrative body therapist, musician.