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Sendi Fiorasi

The Universe in You: Finding Your Way and Infinite Connection

We will start from a deep mediumistic channeling for all those who need to feel their soul and then you will be led into a transpersonal and evolutionary practice that will bring people into an expanded state of consciousness such as to be able to create their intrinsic matrix and feel all connected, arriving at a shift in quantum evolution. Through a deep meditation that connects spirit and soul. The life between lives will be redesigned in a quantum and healing context. The soul goes beyond any evolutionary state. For those who hear the call to the stars and recognize themselves as starseed from other planets or hear the call to Atlantis and Lemuria, they will be able to revisit their way of origin. Others of you however will feel the call to your ancient energetic origins on this earth. Rediscovering your strength and primary energy and your face will be the most intense experience you will have.


Sendi Fiorasi, who has always been a researcher of communication and emotional intelligence, graduated in linguistics and prosody of language and subsequently in languages ​​for international communication. In an essential moment of her life, the spiritual world, with which she has always been in contact, and the strong will to search for a connection between soul, mind and body push her to start research and studies on multiple disciplines, becoming a regressive and progressive hypnologist , and later expert in clinical hypnosis, child and adult naturopath, teacher of akashic and reiki registers, neurolinguistic programmer and bioenergetic facilitator and cellular memory and DNA. As a natural medium and channel of communication between heaven and earth she is dedicated to human and spiritual help and support by continuing to develop and introduce new methods and connections to help people develop their awareness and intrinsic power. She is the author of two books with themes of regressive hypnosis and spirituality in 2020 “The magical thread of destiny” and in 2022 “The truth of memories: find your soul gifts”. He created a new holistic academy, Sacred Medicine School, where science and spirituality merge to teach people ancient Vedic, Mesoamerican and Pleiadian spiritual disciplines fused with new bioenergetic and quantum techniques.