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Sara Gambelli

Beyond the mask: from the primordial clay veil to the unveiling of the Self

1. Beyond the mask: from the primordial clay veil to the unveiling of the Self

The workshop aims to provide an intense psycho-body experience that allows participants to take an inner journey of awareness into their own ego masks. These superstructures are important protective parts of the personality, which need to be known and integrated, in order to attain the most complete knowledge possible of the Inner Self, the place of our elevated Consciousness, free from personal history and related traumas and consequently the manifestation of our authentic Nature, of our most powerful and true inner resources, of our free, wild and healthy deep fire.
The practice will lead participants to discover their own masks, assisted by the use of Mother Earth medicines such as clay and essential oils. They will pass through the ambushes of the 4 directions of the Medicine Wheel according to the Mesoamerican shamanic tradition.
The workshop is co-hosted with Loretta Illuminati, Elena Casiraghi and Paola Gares.


2. Yoga and Biotransenergetics: millennia-old traditions blending to contact the Self

A workshop to have a unique experience: combining the power of the millennial practice of Yoga with the techniques of Biotransenergetics through the Orixàs, archetypes of the Afro-Brazilian tradition. The intent is to show how BTE intensifies contact with the transpersonal self even within the practice of Yoga. Through psycho-body work, contact is made with breathing, the asanas-archetypes of Yoga-associated with the chakras to which the qualities of the Orixàs correspond, contacted through mantras, breaths and movement sequences according to the Dream Body methodology of BTE. This integration gives power to maps shared between Yoga and BTE, increasing awareness of one’s functioning on the 5 levels: physical, energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual. The intent is not only to practice for greater well-being but to take an archetypal journey to cross thresholds, access transpersonal realms and enter into authentic dialogue with the Self.


3. Ixcacao & Ecstatic Dance

Awakening Ceremony: We offer an open circle for men and women to share the medicine of cacao and the power of authentic movement with the Ecstatic Dance. Ixcacao is an ancient goddess of the Meso-American peoples, the goddess of the heart and love, who at this time in history also chooses to meet us Westerners, perhaps those who now need her most. Meeting Ixcacao becomes not only a symbolic act, but a ritual of love and union. During this space-time of contact with the emotional world, of the power of the heart, in addition to Ixcacao’s awakening, breath, chanting, music, drum vibration, movement, silence, dance and circle power will also accompany us on our journey of awakening. Journey that each person’s life purpose as a guide, inspiration for self-realization and healer for others as well. We are waiting for you at dusk, in silence, outside the cave…
The ceremony will be conducted together with Fabio Freddi.

[max 50 pax, by reservation for cocoa preparation]


Organisational Psychologist (Psy.D.), Transpersonal Psychotherapist, Lecturer at ITI Integral Transpersonal Institute in Milan, Yoga Instructor, ACC ACTP Coach, Trainer in Human Resources. For the past 15 years, he has worked as a Consultant for multinational companies in training projects for the development of managerial skills and potential assessment in Italy and abroad. She lived and worked in Brazil, developing a passion for shamanism and Meso-American cultures. She has studied Umbanda, Nagualism, the Native American way, medicine music, the Maya-Toltec tradition in Mexico and Indian culture. Leads courses, seminars and intensives in Biotransenergetics, Shamanism and Yoga. Works with individual, couple and group psychotherapy and organises ceremonies in the shamanic tradition in Europe and Brazil.