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Roberto Lazzaro

The strength of value – the value of strength

Biotransenergetics is a psycho-spiritual discipline that uses the unitive gaze of the sacred to read life and foster harmonious relationships with oneself, one’s neighbour and creation. It believes in the STRENGTH of Life and Human potential. Through the archetypes (Forces, Orixà) it evokes qualities and vibrations useful to remember, restore and return to the living the vitality and awareness necessary to walk through one’s existence and read life in a broader perspective. Work Shop Through OXUMARÈ , principle of TRANSFORMATION, we will walk the RIVER of LIFE and we will stop in front of each of the 7 SACRED DOORS, in front of which we will celebrate with songs, with sounds, with dances with colours our intention: to evoke the coloured bridge, the rainbow, which unites Earth and Heaven, Body and Spirit, Visible and Invisible, time and timeless time.


I was born in England in 1956. I am a Psychologist, Lecturer in Biotransenrgetics, Counselor Trainer, member of I.T.I., Head Teacher of the school of Transpersonal Counseling Biotransenergetics method (OM headquarters in Padua), Shiatsu practitioner and teacher, Educational Director of ´La Decima Luna´ School of Shiatsu and student of Cultural Anthropology at the University of Bologna. For years I have been researching with passion and loving consistency between the folds of the human soul. From my initial training in psychosomatics, Bioenergetics and Malcolm Brown´s Organismic Psychology, I meet and recognize in the emerging Transpersonal Psychology the space that allows me the necessary breathing space. At last a psychology that boldly lifts its gaze to the human being seen in its entirety: physical, emotional, energetic, mental and spiritual. Hence the happy encounter with the Biotransenergetics of Marlene Silveira and PierLuigi Lattuada. I practice as a freelancer and trainer in Noventa Padovana, where the school of counseling and shiatsu is also located.