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Renzo Menapace

Pneuma Breathwork

The practice of Pneuma Breathwork is based on the fact, stated in various traditions, that a Divine principle is present in the air and therefore breathable. By breathing intensely, one accesses an expanded state of consciousness and connection with one’s Self. From this inner space it is possible to experience essential qualities such as love, deep peace, compassion, and brotherhood, sensing the great potential these virtues have in transforming and giving real meaning to one’s life. This transpersonal experience also provides access to the innermost areas of the psyche where it is possible to observe, understand and eliminate the many psychological defects that limit the expression of virtues. Pneuma Breathwork is therefore a practice that can help to undertake an inner process that allows one to emerge from the darkness of the cave, a condition that involves disorientation and suffering, and in which human beings often find themselves despite themselves.


Born in 1958, he graduated in medicine and surgery and immediately delved into the study of complementary medicines , such as iridology, phytotherapy, homeopathy, homotoxicology and neural therapy, devoting himself at the same time to a path of personal growth that led him to make numerous trips to India and other countries around the world. One of the milestones in this quest is his meeting in 2004 with Juan Ruiz Naupari and the Pneuma System he proposed, which, because of the clarity and depth of its teachings, became an integral part of his life. He is a professional member of Pneuma Institute.