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Renata Taddei

Water as a sacred source of healing over time

  • The aim of the work is to re-experience through the body-group genetically archaic phases where cultures and natures merge to re-differentiate, through the experimentation of ontophylogenetic and cultural experiences using the technique and methodology of Synchrotherapy®.
  • The importance of the individual-body, dual, triadic and social relationship through body language.
  • The use of symbols and gestures in water.
  • Fluid language and synchronicity.
  • Synchronicity between bi-logic and clinical-rehabilitation work.

The work is developed to stimulate foreign and proprioceptive experiences and is aimed at feeling, dancing and experiencing the di-verse in water.
It is intended to orient the work in a transpersonal framework by dancing the self, the other, the group as “dancing families”.
Individual, dual, triad and group steps help to experience the di-verse, role-playing up to Synchronicity in line with clinical practice.


Creator of Synchrotherapy (®), work in the aquatic setting, former teacher of the Synchrotherapy (®) workshop at the Lumsa University of Rome. Author of the book “Synchrotherapy (®) La liquida danza che cura”. Founder, President, Supervisor of the Liberté Onlus Association, recognised by the MIUR as an internship and training body for psychotherapists.