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Reginaldo Teixeira Coelho

The Transpersonal Dimension of Family Constellations

Most personal difficulties, as well as relationship problems, are the result of imbalances in family systems. These imbalances occur when we incorporate the fate of another person in the family into our lives, without being aware of it or having the intention to do so.
This causes us to repeat the fate of those who were excluded, forgotten or not recognised in the place that belonged to them and so, many times, out of love, we end up attracting the same problem into our lives in an attempt to diminish the guilt we feel. This is a natural process of compensation and happens involuntarily.
In the montian group with the participants our family in accordance with our perception, using the systemic theory of places and morphogenetic fields (by biologist Rupert Sheldrake) and Bert Hellinger’s family systemics. This montage is read by the therapist who locates areas of conflict or denial, which may also be family inheritance, and reorganises the system within the ‘Order of Love’.
The session is as exciting for the subject as it is for the assistant. We will see the saga of our family process unfold before our eyes, which sometimes includes grandparents and great-grandparents, thus succeeding in reorganising our destiny in the light of the Symmetry of Love.


Reginaldo Teixeira Coelho (Regis) – clinical psychologist. He specialises in Group Psychodynamics; Psychodrama (Sociedade Brasileira de Psicodrama e Dinamica de Grupo); Psychosynthesis (Instituto de Psicosintesi of Brazil and California); Transpersonal Psychology (International Transpersonal Association); Rogerian Therapy (Center for Studies of Person-La Jolla, USA-California); Bioenergetics (CBT-Certificate Bioenergetical Training from Institute of Bioenergetic Analysis, Brasil-New York). He is an active member of the Soto Zen Shu school in Brazil and Japan. Special course for foreigners in Acupuncture at the Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Beijing. He has lived in India, Japan, Tibet studying the modified stages of consciousness. In the Amazon rainforest of Brazil, he learnt shamanic healing techniques, handed down in protected spaces, from the ancient initiatory schools of the Incas priests. He works as a therapist in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. Basic teacher in Applied Kinesiology for the School “The Tree and One Concepts”-Burbank-CA. Currently general organiser of the South American Programme in Bert Hellinger’s Systemic Family Therapy. Post graduate in Systemic Family Constellations from the Superior School of Health Sciences Brasilia.