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Raquel Torrent Guerrero

INNER POSITIONING about “Death at Home” at Individual and Collective level

In these difficult times when we’re attending the death of many things (economies, democracies, dreams, wisdom, values, etc.) and also the massive deaths of people due to wars or pandemic, we need more than ever to feel safe at the shelter and protection of our home.  And yet we recognize that also this house can be bombed, destroyed by Nature or robbed;  so how about if we reckon and develop the deepest possible relationship  with our inner house, learning to transform it into a real Home? This is what Inner Positioning, the integral psychotherapeutic methodology developed in 2016 proposes to even go beyond and unite with the consciousness of our collective planetary and humanity inner Home.  Come and discover the pulse of every room by learning how to “inhabit” them. Once we are conscious of our inner individual and collective home, only then, can we go BACK HOME.


Spanish woman of 67 years of age, psychologist and integral psychotherapist since more than 35 years. Daughter of two fabulous artists: a painter and a poet, actress and singer.