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Rao Noma

Miracle – Inner Lives

Based on the book “Dreaming of a Life” by Rao Noma we will explore how the knowledge related to shamanism, past lives, and Kundalini – heart-based spirituality in general – even without having first hand experiences can serve us. The key idea is to better understand nuances of our own unique inner world through discovering the unique language in which our soul speaks to us. Many of us stopped wondering about wonders, our lives are mere manifestations of, and thus stopped experiencing miracles. But it is up to us to open up to those realms and experience the unimaginable through our feelings. The question is as well: what forces buried it and set it silent? We might be able to grasp more than we think we can, thus liberating ourselves from the need to follow teachers and masters but learning to better rely on our own, to be honest, very talkative hearts. I will invite us to start learning again the language our hearts and souls speak to us.


Born in small but full of nature’s beauty Lithuania in 1992, Jurgita Stankevičiūtė grew up with the intuition connecting her inner and outer worlds. While studying astrophysics in Vilnius University it became clear to her that science and spirituality are not going into the opposite directions but rather one and the same, just taking a bit different approach. One is looking outwards, while the other – inwards. She just noticed that the questions about the world we live in are probably way faster to be answered by searching inside. The time has come in 2014 to spread her wings and fly into the worldly unknown, meet new people, new cultures, learn other spiritually oriented perspectives, traditions, teachings. She lived in spiritual communities, attended tons of seminars and workshops – as if she was seeking to discover something specific and anew. And that something was Peruvian shamanism. It transformed her once again, ripping off the shells around her core like onion peels. So freely but not without tears shed. In 2019 she moved to Germany, Black Forest where she now lives and started working with the clients offering them energy work sessions though physical and non-physical touch under the name Rao Noma. It is the name she received in the beginning of her shamanic initiation time. Rao Noma – the medicine woman – name carrying her work.