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Rainer von Leoprechting

Political Costellations: The World on stage. You take part.

We will together explore some of the important situations or questions of our time. You as any one else are invited to represent a specific actor or element in the bigger question and sense what is going on. All together, we will be focusing on the specific question in the theater of life. Rainer will hold the space for the whole to show itself, and to demonstrate how a better situation becomes possible. All in the room take part in one or other way, as observers or as representatives. The perception of every one is important. We will share what we experience. It will offer practical clarity for the persons who are concerned about the question, although not always immediately. It is important to enter this process not only with an open heart, but also without any judgement so to accept ´what is´ as the ultimate guide.


Rainer Freiherr von Leoprechting (*1965) grew up in Trier, Germany. After a banking apprenticeship and volunteering in the French boarding school La Coûme in the Pyrenees, I studied economics and business administration in Witten/Herdecke, a then new private university. I developed a critical mind on the economic belief system in this and experienced a radical self managed way of organising a university and my studies. In 1994, I followed my international interest and entered the European Commission as an official. In 2012, I left the EU and since work as independent consultant. In 2019-20 I co-founded the Fraendi partnership, where a number of creative people accompany leaders in their exploring fresh ways for leadership and business. I felt the depth of practice Jean Monnet had used to build and develop the basis for lasting peace in Europe. I collected many practices that had a similar inspiration, such as the Art of Hosting, or systemic constellation work.