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Pinet Nadine

The path of embodying Christ Consciousness

Vibrating the frequencies of the soul in the body allows it to receive the frequencies of consciousness. One of the pathway to embody Soul is to open the mind to other kinds of truth, knowledges than the human minds and understandings. Then Human vibration get out of the Ego personality identification and the wounds. The healing pathway of beliefs, behaviors, conditionings. Humans have to heal and open their heart to another dimension of Being. Getting out of humanity experiments to come back in the Heart’s core. The soul is then protected by Love that humans learn to vibrate by healing and can start to vibrate from the human and animal part. The polarity of duality ( love and hate, light and dark, angel and demon, death and life…) have to be vibrated in the body in Consciousness. Souls need to be initiated to find the « place » in the body to embody : Social group meeting, Shamanic initiation, Cosmic and Tantric initiation.


The life offers me a path to a deep meeting with the duality’s suffering : cancer, rape, violence, burn out, toxic relationships, imminent death. These events offered me the awakening. See what is behind death and this human reality. Feel in my body the conditioning’s jail, beliefs, ignorance and forgetfullness. I am biologist, geologist, sociologist, trainer, teacher, sophrologist, gestalt-therapist. As I open my human part to Consciousness, the Life initiated me to become a Master of Shamanic and Tantric energies. An alchemy of all my experiments and knowledges has occurred. I feel to be at the service of Life, Love and Truth and the One that We are, with the All. My heart is my guide. I am based in the south of France in a powerful wild nature. This land is land of the Energy of Marie-Magdelena and the Cathars’s Energy, The Stellar Galactic vibrations. I offer workshops to guide others souls who feel the calling to embody, vibrate and radiate their soul.