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Pier Luigi Lattuada

The best way to realise our dreams is to wake up

We are used to focusing on the problems to be solved or the goals to be achieved in this way we only reinforce the sleep we are sleeping, the dream we are dreaming. It is possible to realise that problems dissolve and goals are illusory. The best way to realise our dreams is waking up.


Pier Luigi Lattuada is a medical doctor, psychologist and psychotherapist. In the 1980s he founded Biotransenergetics, a psycho-spiritual discipline that could be defined as a poetic act since it teaches creativity in the art of self-giving in the face of psychophysical discomfort, in the direction of Self-realisation. He is the director of the Training School in Transpersonal Psychotherapy recognised by MIUR and of the Advanced Training in Transpersonal Counselling; he is the president of ITI – Integral Transpersonal Institute in Milan, and of EUROTAS – Global Transpersonal Network. Lattuada is the professor at Ubiquity University and has taught at Sofia University and Palo Alto University of California. He also directed the Lifegate Holistic Clinic. He has been composing poetry since the age of 16 and has written and published numerous books on transpersonal psychotherapy, integral medicine and biotransenergetics.