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Paulina Andrea Pozo Morales

Plant medicine path as a sacred way of transpersonal development: Potentials, shadows and guidelines for transformational and embodied re…

Our  interspecies relationship with  plant medicine is called to become an alliance for our deepest evolution. We can find there a portal to real wisdom, not only a wonderful way of healing, but also a legitimate path of transformational and embodied spirituality. This talk is an invitation and a map to avoid kidnapping this potential and reduce it to the use of a substance, or to the figure of a psychedelic fairy godmother, who fulfills the wishes of our neurosis. Grounded plant medicine is possible and necessary,  maybe today more than ever. In the wave of the excitement about psychedelic renaissance, the humble and powerful voice of the earth is whispering to us through the plants and mushrooms: “all healing becomes service”. Let’s see together some  challenges and  guidelines in this direction,  from a transpersonal and transcultural perspective.


Clinical psychologist (Universidad de Chile) and transpersonal psychotherapist (EUROTAS), specialized in Assisted Psychotherapy with Psychoactivating Techniques (IPTB). Since 2010, her field of work and study is the interface between Indo American Ancestral Medicines, Mental Health and psychospiritual development, as well as the integration of experiences in Expanded States of Consciousness in psychotherapy. Paulina is the former clinical coordinator of the Takiwasi Center (Tarapoto, Peru). Has been a teacher at universities and institutes in Chile and Peru. She co-directs retreats in the Amazon and conducts private psychotherapeutic practice. Co- founder of the School of Psychotherapy and Vegetalismo and creator of the training ´Psychotherapy, Plant Medicine and Integration´.