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Paola Gares

Beyond the Mask: from the primordial clay veil to the unveiling of the Self

The workshop aims to provide an intense psycho-corporeal experience that allows participants to take an inner journey of awareness into their ego-masks. These superstructures are important protective parts of the personality, which need to be known and integrated, in order to reach the most complete knowledge possible of the Inner Self, the place of our Elevated Consciousness, free from personal history and related traumas and consequently the manifestation of our authentic nature, of our most powerful and true inner resources, of our deep, free, wild and healthy fire. The practice will lead participants to discover their own masks, aided by the use of Mother Earth medicines such as clay and essential oils. They will go through the ambushes of the 4 directions of the Medicine Wheel according to the Mesoamerican shamanic tradition. The workshop is co-conducted with Loretta Illuminati, Elena Casiraghi and Sara Gambelli.


Transpersonal Psychotherapist, lecturer at the Integral Transpersonal Institute in Milan (Transpersonal Mindfulness), Trauma and Emergency Psychologist. In her practice she combines the knowledge of classical psychology with training experiences in the transpersonal field, as well as numerous paths of inner and spiritual growth. She currently works as an individual and group psychotherapist, bringing the technique of Biotransenergetics into her work and spreading the principles of the perennial philosophy. She organises and runs intensive transpersonal psychology courses in nature, addressing in particular the themes of personal development, deep meditation and death.