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Orlin Baev

Experiential work and altered states of consciousness through a psycho-body approach

Body and mind are inextricably linked and united (embodiment). When we at Genuine Psychotherapy work on anxiety states, we invariably see that the unconscious can be located not elsewhere, but precisely in the body. Furthermore, we find that every distressing state is experienced not to torment, but to teach, to attune one’s soul and character with meaning and love. We do not fight the symptoms, but see that they lead directly to the most basic core beliefs and traumas, thus serving as a highway for their transformation and synchronization of character with loving meaning.
In this workshop we will touch upon experiential work and altered states of consciousness through a psychobody approach, breathing and guided meditation.


Master in counseling psycholoy, bachelor in psychology. Thousands of hours education in different psychotherapeutic approaches. Creator of ´Genuine Psychotherapy´ method.