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Orango Riso

Making Life Sacred Again

Our modern, hectic world pushes us to focus on things that often do not matter, neglecting the sacred value of life. The phrase “Make life sacred again” is a strong call to bring awareness back to the value of life itself. But how can we make life sacred again? Are there new tools we can use for this purpose? First of all, spirituality can help us make sense of things and rediscover the importance of life. This does not necessarily imply a religious practice, but rather an inner search that allows us to understand our place in the world and our relationship with other living beings. Furthermore, community can be an important accelerator of personal and collective development. Making connections with the people around us, exchanging ideas and collaborating can lead to greater awareness and inner growth. Finally, we must awaken in this time. This means that we must be aware of the challenges the world presents us with and act with responsibility and determination to overcome them. Only then can we create a better future for ourselves and future generations. In short, making life sacred again requires a change of mentality and the adoption of new tools that allow us to rediscover the value of life itself. Spirituality, community and awareness of the challenges of our time can help us on this path of personal and collective growth.


Michele Scapino known as Orango Riso was born in Turin on April 14, 1953, was a founder of one of the first Italian software houses and worked successfully with the European and American markets. He dedicated ten years to the study of artificial intelligences, before directing his studies and his research towards metaphysics, psychology and human intelligence. Since 1977 he has used hypnosis to investigate ESP phenomena, conducted research on traditional medicines, studied and experimented with subtle energies such as Prana, investigated holistic communication as a form of treatment and method for integrating personalities, and the use of lateral thinking. He specialised in Pranotherapy according to the method of Oberto Airaudi, in the use of color for therapeutic purposes and as a symbolic language, in training on the dynamics that are established in the therapeutic relationship and in the management of groups. He has a 44-year-old daughter, a 42-year-old son, and two grandchildren. He lives in Vidracco one hour away from Turin, where he directs the School of Medit-Action, the Training School for Spiritual Healers of the Damanhur Academy and the School for Holistic Operators of CONACREIS. He heals in various studios in Italy, is a consultant for various organisations and has collaborated with the WHO for the Healthy Cities project. He trains doctors and therapists at public and private schools and health institutes in Italy and abroad. He has published several books on healing, color, the art of dwelling and more. At Damanhur Orango looks after communication and holistic healing, as well as spiritual paths. Over the years he has always held high responsibility positions within the Federation.