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Olena Tsybenko

Fundamentals of Spiritual Healing (the author’s method of transpersonal psychotherapy). Demonstrative Sessions.

The goal is to present the author´s method of Spiritual Healing (theory), which is a quality development to similar methods of the Ar Santem school (Stetsenko G.G.) and other authors, as well as to conduct demonstration sessions and answer questions.
This technique was developed as the most effective methods of transpersonal psychotherapy.
Its features and benefits include:
1. Providing a clear understanding of the structure of the Human Consciousness and the Subtle Worlds at the level of energy systems, which makes it possible to establish a strong visual feedback, including feedback on: violations – changes – the norm.
2. Obtaining information directly from the primary source – that is, the Subtle World.
3. Working on the basis of Spiritual Laws – the rules of the influence of the Subtle World on a Human.
4. The universality of the method is the ability to solve on its basis an extremely wide range of issues.



TSYBENKO OLENA – Spiritual Healer of the Highest Grade (in the SYSTEM of acad. MIANIE M.Y). Coach, Course Presenter, Business Trainer. Head of the Team of Spiritual Healers in Center of Human Development, from 2005 till present. Corresponding member of the International Personnel Academ; Corresponding member of the International Academy of Sciences of Ecology and Life Safety. Vernadsky medal “For contribution to the development of Science, Culture and Society”, Ukraine. EUROTAS. Certified Member since 28/06/2022. DATE OF BIRTH – 28/02/1950. SOCIAL and SPIRITUAL EDUCATION: IAPM, Psychology – 2010-2012; Ph.D (philosophy, psychology) – 2014 г. RPO «CENTER OF HUMAN DEVELOPMENT». The study of the Author’s programs and methods of Acad. Mianie M.Y. on human development. 1999-2022. WORK EXPERIENCE: I have been giving individual sessions in Spiritual Healing/Transpersonal Psychology since 2003 – the major work (about 17,000 sessions).