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Nirava Tiziana Dainotto

Towards a New World

In recent years we are living through an apocalyptic period. From an energetic-spiritual point of view, we can say that we are in the midst of a spiritual battle, in which the system, in its race for transhumanism, is carrying out a collective soul theft. We cannot and must not allow this. The shamans say that we are at the end of a humanity: the end of Homo Sapiens to make way for Homo Luminous, and this implies a great awakening of consciences and therefore a great opportunity for all of us if we understand the profound meaning of this time. In this workshop we will travel to the rhythm of the drum, resonating with the heart of Mother Earth, on the timeline to open our vision and receive all that information, refine our intuition to concretely manifest the New World, to be the “Change” A World whose cornerstones are Harmony, Love, Sharing, Cocreation, Respect, Freedom, Simplicity.


Professional in evolutionary disciplines, her other sacred name is Absa Owaci Wastè Win: Crow Woman Who Dances, in the Lakota language: she leads the shamanic path “The Path of the Heart”, the Medicine Wheel, Circles for Women, Shamanic Journeys, Soul Retrieval, Trance Dance, Heart Meditations, Shamanic Retreats, Vision Quest: paths of inner growth with a spiritual orientation to life, complemented by Subtle Body Healing, Essential Life Consulting.