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Nicolò Bongiorno

Songs of the water spirits

Those like me who live in the globalised West have always dreamt of and seen the Himalayas and Tibet as a stronghold against the excesses of modernity. But the opposite is true, the problems of life in our modern society end up recurring in the remotest mountains of the Himalayas. Here, climate change, barbarianism, urbanisation, and traffic manifest themselves in some cases even more cruelly than here. Who knows if this is really the end of that magical, mystical world? This film invites you to open your heart and tune in to the song of the water spirits… to make an alliance with the elements of nature that resonate within you.



Nicolò Bongiorno (Milan, 4 April 1976) is an Italian film director, screenwriter and film producer. His works in the field of documentary and film research originate in his personal connection with those dimensions that in the human soul belong to the unknown and unexplored. On the edge of a dreamlike and imaginative precipice that since the dawn of time has delineated man’s propensity to explore what remains hidden from his gaze, Nicolò’s analyses in his works aim to capture that infinite and boundless space where man encounters nature in its most hostile and inhospitable forms, but from whose bond originates a motion capable of propelling him towards the unexplored zones of the world and of the self.