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Nicola Boraschi

Quantum physics in support of western medicine

There is no vaccine for madness, no vaccine for gratuitous nastiness, and there is no mask, no distancing that can save us from our own fear, if action is not taken to heal and PREVENT the causes that originated and feed Covid-19 for example, Covid19 has already won! The question everyone should ask themselves is this: are viruses, and in particular Covid-19, pollutants or are they antibodies to the Planet? The virus outside the body is not resistant. Like any other virus, Covid-19 has a low vibration with a closed electromagnetic circuit structure……………………


Nicola Boraschi professional in helping relationships, counsellor, professional negotiator, researcher, was born in Chiari (Brescia) in 1971. Growing up in a family of tradesmen, he developed a great interest in the Art of Selling from an early age. The idea of proposing himself as a BUSINESS & LIFE COUNSELOR arose from the evolution of his work experience and from attending professional qualification courses. Since the age of 20, he has worked as a salesman mainly in the insurance field, taking first place in his category in 2007 at the Lion Wing event, the Grand National Production Competition of Assicurazioni Generali S.p.a. Subsequently, he conducted studies and personal work at two important humanistic academies that are part of a network of organisations recognised by the Italian State through the MISE; and MIUR.