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Myrian Romero

Mandala: Luminous Symbols of Consciousness

Myrian will present on a method for experiencing the mandala as a portal to access the deep unconscious and from this space, transform outdated patterns and habits, mobilize healing forces and integrate them with the power of life. She will also address the perception of the mandala as a phenomenon of creative dance that takes place in the open space of the mind. Relying on open space is essential to shift the paradigm. From this dimension you can understand events in your story and life from other angles.


Myrian Romero is a transpersonal art therapist, Professor of graduate programs in transpersonal psychology, and President of the International Center for Mandala, Art, and Symbolism. She has over 30 years experience working with and teaching about the therapeutic mandala as a tool for the expansion of consciousness, both in therapeutic and institutional environments, including several private companies, penitentiaries, anda universities.