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Mojca Studen

3D Enneagram: systemic view and interpretation of the Enneagram

In this presentation, she will present a simplified three-dimensional Enneagram scheme. It contains the complexity of the classical (two-dimensional) scheme on the one hand and, on the other hand, deepens understanding of the mechanisms of human neuroticism. A 3D Enneagram scheme is a dynamic structure of two opposite and oppositely rotating triangular pyramids. The dynamic nature of these two oppositely rotating pyramids explains the dynamic and structure of a 2D Enneagram. 3D Enneagram will enable you to understand yourself more and to tailor your spiritual practice more congruent with your ego structures. Through this presentation, I will guide you through a thorough dissection and structure of the ego, how it operates, and how to transcend the ego and return to the true Self. The healing occurs when we internalize or accept the dual nature of our being. Internal conflict vanishes, and the sukha emerges from the dukkha.


Mojca Studen first graduated from the Faculty of Physics at University of Ljubljana, and from the School of Fine Arts – Sculpturing at the same time. From the beginning of her high school years, she was interested in the boundaries and possibilities of human consciousness. She first sought answers in Sri Aurobindo’s and Krishnamurti’s ideas and philosophies. Through their ideas, she began to practice yoga, especially pranayama. She also began to learn about Buddhism and the practice of getting to know herself through meditation. A happy coincidence brought her into contact with Carlos Castaneda’s books. The next step in learning about human consciousness was the study of transpersonal psychology and involvement in Grof Transpersonal Training and Transpersonal Hypnotherapy Institute. She has the good fortune that she draws her knowledge of transpersonal psychology directly from Dr. Stanislav Grof. Stanislav Grof also mentored her Holotropic Breathwork research. At the same time she become interested in personality theory and practice of the Enneagram. From her first encounter with the Enneagram, she was impressed by the elegance, clarity, and dynamic structure of the Enneagram. She began with an in-depth study of the Enneagram theory and the use of the Enneagram in her psychotherapy work. All this led her to a new understanding of the Enneagram, which she encapsulated in the 3D Enneagram concept. She combined her knowledge of biophysics and transpersonal psychology into Neuro Training – technology that uses binaural tones in a unique way. It is designed as a gym for the brain. Since 2008 she works as a transpersonal psychotherapist and organizes various holotropic workshops. She is also associate teacher at Sigmund Freud University Vienna, Ljubljana devision.