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Mikhail (Mykhailo) Mianie (Diukarev)

Future of science, transpersonal psychology and psychotherapy. Author’s approach. Research results.

Transpersonal science, roughly speaking, is at the beginning of its journey. It has no clear answers to the following questions:

1. What is the carrier for the Spiritual world (what is Energy)?
2. What are the principles for creating beings and energy systems (based on the understanding of Energy)?
3. How are the Human Consciousness and the Subtle Worlds arranged at the level of energy systems?
4. There is no clear connection with the Subtle worlds (obtaining information, verification).
5. As a result, there are no highly effective technologies for changing a Person and their Destiny.

The purpose of the speech is to demonstrate the results that have been achieved in solving the tasks set by our method, and how the knowledge gained affects other areas of science, what is their future.



MIANIE (DIUKAREV) M. YU. – President-founder of the author’s scientific and educational Center SYSTEM by Acad. MIANIE M.Yu.: PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT ACADEMY. 1. Ph.D., Grand Ph.D., Prof., Acad. of EAEN, MDA, ICA, RANS, HABA, transpersonal psychologist (certified by EUROTAS), knight, senator of IKU. 2. AWARDS: Orders “Star of the Scientist”, “Lomonosov”, “For Merits in Science”, St. A. Nevsky “For Labor and Fatherland” I class, “Order of Friendship”, etc. 3. Blessing-Gratitude from His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI. Vatican, 2009, Prize of John Paul II. 4. Nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize twice: in 2008 and 2012. 5. Creation of the author’s SYSTEM – since 1993. 6. MAIN WORKS over: 20 theories, 20 books and brochures, 50 articles, 7000 acad h of study programs. DATE OF BIRTH – 01/02/1964. SOCIAL EDUCATION: “Kharkiv Institute of Radio Electronics” – 1984/88, Postgraduate course – 1989/92. SPIRITUAL EDUCATION: Yoga Academy – 1990/92. Teacher – 1990/92. Vice-Rector – 1992.