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Mihail Karpathiou

The role of sexual relationships, as well as sexual energy in human lives and how orgasm can lead to a person’s spiritual awakening

The prohibitions of the social and parental environment often lead to the inhibition of impulses in the child, creating damage to the child’s energy system. A person’s mental and sexual attitudes are reflected in his relationship with his own body, which constitutes the mirror of the soul and sexuality. As a result, most people use sex as a release from internal tensions. On the other hand, defensiveness and repression of desires may lead to psychological emasculation. Defenses are built by the subjugation of the forces of sexuality and love. A defensive state means no space for love, because the person feels that he is in a state of war.


Thirty years ago an unexpected spatio-temporal event, a spiritual experience led Mihail Karpathiou to the path of spiritual cultivation of sexual energy. He has trained in various psychotherapeutic systems and approaches, as well as in Chinese Medicine and a multitude of ancient systems of self-awareness, such as Taoism, Zen, Shamanism, etc. Mihail has written a book in which he presents a comprehensive view that combines ancient knowledge with modern discoveries in neuroscience and body psychotherapy. A second book entitled Magna Arte: Η Βασιλική οδός την πνευματικής ανάπτυξης  is under publication, in which he present a new point of view on the part of transpersonal sexuality. In the last twenty years he has conducted educational seminars on the topic of relationships and sexuality in Greece, Istanbul, India, New York and the United Kingdom as well as being hosted by various TV channels such as “Body and Balance” and TV shows in Greece.