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Michele Micheletti

From Marketing to God

We have opted for a title that may inevitably cause some perplexity, we are aware of that. At first glance, the arguments of marketing may indeed seem distant and antithetical to those of the profound search for the Self and the divine plan, but we will discover that this appearance is not at all true and that there are wonderful convergences of the two fronts. Modern marketing, with its strategic communication, has now become the art of capturing the consumer’s attention, but it is precisely on the attentional dynamics that the ´particle´ of awakening and the layering of levels of awareness towards the field of consciousness is played out. We will highlight unexpected dynamics that will make us think and give us some very useful insights for our everyday inner work.


Michele Micheletti was born in Pisa 54 years ago and is married with two children and a dog. Bachelor´s degree at the Polytechnic of Business Studies in Lugano in Business Sciences, several master´s degrees in the field of marketing and communication, Michele is a professional coach, business consultant, trainer and teacher and, together with Leonardo Pagni, is the founder of CO-Scienza (Become yourself). Twenty-five years of corporate experience in marketing roles, he currently works as a business consultant specialising in the prevention and resolution of relational and organisational conflicts within work teams. He teaches public speaking and marketing and communication psychology in the Language Mediation Science course at the Scuola Superiore per Mediatori Linguistici in Pisa. She organises and presents the annual CO-Science events to raise awareness on the topics of personal growth and the evolution of consciousness.