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Matteo Hu

Working with Living Archetypal, Faith, Prayer and Devotion in Modern Psychological Frame

In Transpersonal Psychology we have reintegrated many concepts of the Perennial Philosophy. For example, the concept of a meditative state by renaming it “Mindfulness” or the soul side by calling it “Self”. Today we can take a further step forward,  and we will do it in this experiential theoretical work:
  1. 1. learning to restore full dignity to the work with archetypes, recognizing that they are not only intrapsychic symbols or instances but are also real Living Forces.
  2. 2. By approaching the Essential Matrix, i.e. the “Mystery” through the most suitable tools for doing so: Faith, Devotion and Prayer.
We will learn how to decline them in psychological work on both a theoretical and experiential level.
Comfortable clothing is recommended.


Matteo is a transpersonal Psichologist and Psychoterapist who has been always engaged in searching for sacred. He is a teacher at the School of Transpersonal Psychotherapy, Professor of Biotransenergetics and Responsible Director of the “OMVerbania” School of Transpersonal Counseling. He lives between Milan and the wild valleys of the ValGrande National Park.