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Mathilde Everaere

Opening ourselves to broader micro & macro perspectives through indigenous mindset

Since breaking with her old patterns, career and apparent securities to live the life and projects she believes in, Mathilde is often called to share her transpersonal and life experiences as an European women today working with Indigenous Communities of the 5 continents that she connects to technologies, Global Events & project Makers, and thus opening perspectives from micro to macro world toward collective and systemic solutions, through a decolonized, decentralised & unified approach. From her deep and open heart dive inside spirituality and indigenous mindsets, Mathilde also opens herself to collective activities that she leads through her songs, dance and free self- expression. As an experienced field mission and conferences organizer, Mathilde is used to connect people, events and communities through a cross-cultural perspective that invites everybody to find his place in actual Human Meta-Crisis and open itself to other way to consider the reality, as Indigenous mindset does.


Speaker, intercultural mediator & global maker After living in deep connection with indigenous people of Brazil for more than 7 years, Mathilde, French, now dedicates her time and knowledge to spreading Indigenous peoples´ culture, mindset and way of life as an intercultural coordinator, mediator, artist, speaker and translator. Mathilde is the co-founder of FlorestaTV, which disseminates Indigenous culture by promoting and encouraging the digital autonomy of Indigenous voices and peoples. She is also the President of the NGO “O Organismo” , the aim of which is to connect the wisdom of Indigenous traditions, as well as their broader mindset, with Western technological knowhow, thus helping to transform our educational, cultural and economic global system. In this perspective, she recently co-funded MYCELIA, an ongoing PoC exploring the possibility of Web3 Indigenous Institutions to address the Metacrisis through a return back to an organic, decentralised and meaningful mindset.