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Massimo Soldati

BODYWORK FOR AWAKENING – Postural integration in times of great change

A great change is sweeping the world, in every aspect, destroying all certainty and security. What was unthinkable a few years ago is now manifesting itself on a global scale, generating multiple traumas in the population. Today we can only find ourselves individually, rediscovering the way of the warrior, and as a tribe, creating networks of authentic bonds.
The new psycho-spiritual growth technologies and traditional healing and asceticism technologies must readapt to the historical moment.
Bodywork in a transpersonal key becomes a valuable tool for this challenging navigation, no longer just a tool for rebalancing, healing and transcendence, but a necessary companion to a collective awakening.
In the workshop we will examine these topics in more detail and celebrate them in practice with a group experience drawn from Postural Integration, in which we will make contact with the pulsating wave of energy that sustains and directs us from within.


I have always been attracted to the liberation of human potential and the perception that there is more to the world than we are used to seeing. Among the many paths I have travelled in following the joy of exploration, I was fortunate to encounter that of the body, through a master such as Jack W. Painter, who provided me with precious foundations to regain my personal integrity. I have tried to communicate this wonderful adventure both in my professional practice as a psychotherapist and in the Postural Integration training I have been conducting for many years with a transpersonal perspective. I have written several essays including Body and Change on the subject. I am president of the Association of Transpersonal Postural Integration ( Milan) and current secretary general of the International Council of psychocorporal Integration Trainers ( Guadalajara). I live between Milan and the Tuscan Maremma.