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Marica Lampugnani

Medicine Circle in the Forest

1. Medicine Circle in the Forest

There is an enchantment in the woods, Lord Byron
There is enchantment in the pathless woods.
There is an enchantment on the lonely beach.
There is an asylum where no impediment penetrates
by the waters of the deep sea,
and there is a harmony in the crashing of the waves.

I do not love men less, but nature more
and in these my conversations with her I free myself
from all that I am and all that I was before,
to merge with the universe
and feel what I do not know how to express
and that which I do not know how to hide at all.

Everyone in a circle, head turned to the centre, lying in the shavasana position.

With specially selected music, I will give maieutic words, encouraging deep relaxation, with the rotation of awareness between the qualities of the elements of nature.

A revisitation of the ´Four BTE Recognitions´.


2. BTE Art of Self-Giving – the Touch that Heals

“Lying on the ground, I realise that there is no one watching me to consider my body or my clothes. It is a new sensation. I am not in front of a man, nor a doctor, nor something else that I recognise. I only feel love.” At the heart of Ayurvedic massage by Alida Dal Degan The ´Touch´ is the most ancient and powerful healing gesture. Plants are caressed by the wind, animals lick, rub and caress each other, just like a mother with her child. The ´touch´ is the vehicle to enter a new dimension, its Force is nature, the qualities of the Archetypes, of the elements that inhabit us and with which we are constantly in dialogue: the stability of the Earth-Nana, source of nourishment and welcome; the vitality and instinctuality of the Principle of the Living, Oxossi, our pulsation and rhythm; the power of the Air-Iansá, the fire that ascends and purifies, Oxalå/Xangó.


Attended the Faculty of Educational Sciences at the University of Urbino, Professional Counselor, with diploma in Abyangam Ayurvedic Massage A. I. M. A of Milan and with the school of Joythimayananda, Level I diploma of BTE Body Mind-Work in “Dream Body” and “Art of Giving of the Self”, Level I and II Reiki of the Mikao Usui method tradition, The Energy Spiritual Massage of the Wandering Monks of Master Govindan, Level I of Tibetan Bells Sound Massage, has practised Satyananda Saraswati’s hata yoga for more than ten years, since 2017 has practised BTE Dream Body, with Dr. Illuminati Loretta, since 2017 has practised BTE Dream Body with Dr. Illuminati. ssa Illuminati Loretta, since 2021 enrolled in Pier Luigi Lattuada’s Master in Biotransenergetics Counseling.